How is Seismic Retrofitting or Earthquake Retrofitting Done?

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home or building, the starting point is obtaining a detailed and precise evaluation of your property and its foundation. For earthquake retrofitting to truly make a difference, it should be grounded on a firm and well-maintained foundation. The foundation’s stability can be influenced by numerous factors including:

  • The property’s geographical position, such as being on a hillside, in a valley, or close to bodies of water like lakes or rivers.
  • The present state of the foundation and the overall structure.
  • Unaddressed damages from previous earthquakes or other events that caused ground shifts. A case in point could be irregular settling after ground movement due to heavy rainfall.
  • Previous subpar retrofitting attempts.
  • Inadequate original construction, among other issues.

After a thorough evaluation, the next phase in the process is devising a detailed strategy to address any pre-existing foundation or structural challenges. Retrofitting a building with a compromised foundation might not hold up even during minor tremors. However, the silver lining is that homes in the Los Angeles area often have sound foundations, thanks to mandatory inspections during property sales and many refinancing deals. Given LA’s active real estate market, a good foundation is a prevalent feature in most houses.

With confidence in the foundation’s solidity, the actual retrofitting process can commence. Steel brackets are typically employed to ensure a sturdy bond between the roof and walls, minimizing the chances of them separating during an earthquake.

Once a retrofitting plan tailored to your home is in place, the actual work begins. Terms like ANCHOR BOLTING and SEISMIC RETROFITTING might evoke images of extended construction periods and disruption. However, in reality, the process might not even require you to vacate your home. SkillSee’s proficient teams work swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a clean environment post-work. This dedication to excellence has earned accolades and numerous awards over the years.

But what truly matters to you is that by choosing SkillSee, you’re opting for top-notch earthquake retrofitting, offered at competitive prices by one of the best structural teams in Los Angeles.

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