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Building retrofitting

Building retrofitting refers to the process of updating or modifying existing building structures to improve their performance, functionality, or safety. This can include enhancing energy efficiency, strengthening structures against natural disasters (like earthquakes or hurricanes), or modernizing outdated systems (like HVAC or plumbing). The primary goal of retrofitting is to extend the life of a building, ensuring it meets current codes and standards, while enhancing its sustainability, safety, and comfort for occupants. Retrofitting can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than demolishing and constructing a new building from scratch.

SkillSEE - FEMA - Trained

But what truly sets SkillSee Construction apart is its accreditation as an approved contractor by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) works. Earthquake retrofitting is crucial, especially in seismic zones. The EBB program is a significant initiative that offers homeowners grants to retrofit their houses, making them more resilient against earthquakes.

Being a FEMA-approved EBB contractor means SkillSee has undergone rigorous evaluations, ensuring they uphold the highest standards in retrofitting. This distinction is not just about proficiency in the actual retrofitting tasks but also about understanding the intricacies of the EBB program, aiding homeowners in the process, and ensuring they get the best out of the grant.

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Earthquake Retrofit

Earthquake retrofit involves strengthening existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, reducing potential damage. It enhances safety, ensuring buildings meet current seismic codes and standards.

Retrofit Brick Foundation

Retrofitting brick foundations involves updating and reinforcing older, brick-based foundations to enhance their durability and resistance, particularly against seismic activity. This process ensures safety and longevity for structures.

Retrofit Slab Foundation

Retrofitting slab foundations strengthens existing concrete bases against seismic shifts, ensuring enhanced stability and durability, protecting structures from potential ground disturbances or movements.

Retrofit Post and Pier Foundation

Retrofitting post and pier foundations involves enhancing and stabilizing existing elevated wooden base structures, ensuring greater resistance to seismic events and providing improved foundational support and longevity to buildings.

Retrofit Footing and Stem Wall Foundation

Retrofitting footing and stem wall foundations strengthens the connection between the building's vertical walls and its horizontal base, enhancing resistance to seismic events and ensuring structural stability and extended durability.

Retrofit Permanent Wood Foundation

Retrofitting permanent wood foundations involves reinforcing and upgrading existing wooden base structures, ensuring enhanced resistance against moisture, decay, and potential seismic activities, providing long-lasting structural integrity and support.

Clients Love


"After the recent quake, I turned to SkillSee to retrofit my slab foundation. Their expertise and precision were evident, ensuring my home's longevity and safety. Highly recommend!"

Jacob M.

"We live in an old house with a post and pier foundation. SkillSee made the retrofitting process seamless and efficient. Now, I sleep better knowing my family's safe."

Linda H.

"Our property has a footing and stem wall foundation. SkillSee's team displayed unmatched professionalism, retrofitting it to the highest standards. Their work has added years to our building's life."

Adrian P.

"Living in a wooden structure, moisture was a concern. SkillSee not only retrofitted our permanent wood foundation but also provided invaluable advice for maintenance. Exceptional service!"

Rachel S.

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